Current Projects

Ramblewood Basin Retrofit - Spring 2023

This is part of the Department of Community and Economic Development  (DCED) Watershed Restoration and Protection Program (WRPP) .The township was awarded a grant for $163,180 with a $28,000 match which was budgeted from General Funds.  This project will design and retrofit an existing township-owned, decades old, stormwater basin that contains an unnamed tributary to the Delaware River.  The tributary collects urban runoff from the surrounding single-family residential community, the Forks Elementary School, and ultimately golf course and farm uses downtown.  Hundreds of rooftops, driveways, and local streets deliver runoff to the tributary without contemporary mitigation, filtration, or sustaining detention, sending pollutants directly from the outdated basin to the Delaware River.  When complete, the retrofitted basin will include new forebays, rain gardens, vegetated swale, amended soils, and outflow, to improve water quality within the Delaware River Watershed.  

Green Light Go Grant - Summer 2023

The grant will provide upgraded equipment at six intersections along Sullivan Trail (Old Mill Road, Elizabeth Ave, Town Center Blvd., Municipal Drive, Park Plaza Driveway, and Zucksville Road) to provide for signal interconnection, emergency pre-emption, and uninterruptible power supply where needed.  The total cost of this project is $622,920.  The township is responsible for a 20% match, totaling $124,584 which was budgeted from General Funds.