Accreditation Program

Accredited Law Enforcement Agency, Pennsylvania, Chiefs of Police AssociationThe Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission, (PLEAC) is a division of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association and the accreditation program is sponsored and funded through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. An" accredited police department" must continually demonstrate that it adheres to standard guidelines adopted by state and national law enforcement professionals.


The benefits of accreditation include:

  • A continuing objective review of agency practices and procedures
  • Reduced agency risk and exposure to civil litigation
  • Potential reduction of liability insurance costs
  • Improved community relations
  • Increases employee confidence in the agency
  • Identifies the highlights, capabilities and competence of the agency 
  • Furnishes a solid foundation for the agency to build toward future progress

View the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association website for more information.


  1. The accreditation process begins with a self evaluation. In this phase the accreditation manager (Corporal Jack Dressler) reviews; all directives and procedures, which control the way in which the department operates the physical plant and infrastructure of the department and headquarters. In the process of self evaluation, the accreditation manager determines the department's ability to comply with the 123 PLEAC recognized police agency operation standards.
  2. In the second phase all existing operating procedures are reviewed and updated to conform to PLEAC standards. This phase resulted in the creation of the Forks Township Police Department General Orders Manual consisting of 144-sections or standards on 1000-pages. A copy of the manual is available for public review, but must be examined at the police station. In phase-2 all department forms had to be reviewed and updated for PLAC compliance.
  3. The third phase involves providing proof of compliance. In order to show that the department is in compliance with the 123 PLEAC standards, a folder must be created for each standard. Each folder must then contain; a copy of the department general order setting the policy and or procedure for the standard, written documentation in the form of reports, completed forms or pertinent legislation, showing on-going compliance.
  4. The final phase is an examination and assessments of the department by a team of outside law enforcement professionals, who will spend three days reviewing compliance folders and general orders, observing and interviewing department officers and supervisors and examining the physical operation of the department and facilities. Only after they have determined that the department has met all standards of compliance, will they recommend to the full PLEAC board that the department be accredited. The department must be re examined every three years to maintain accreditation.

The department is proud of its efforts to attain PLEAC accreditation, and has adopted the credo of "A department of pride and professionalism," to show their commitment to this program.

Accreditation Manager Jack Dressler will provide updated information as the process continues.

Please feel free to email Jack Dressler for more information.