Blocking of Township Bike Paths Is Prohibited

The Forks Township Police wish to remind all residents that blocking the Township Bike paths in any manner is strictly prohibited and a violation of Pennsylvania Law for the obstruction of highways and other public passages. Please be courteous of all residents and those using the paths and refrain from blocking the Township bike and walking paths. There are many areas where resident's driveways cross over the paths. On occasions there have been times when vehicles have been parked blocking the paths.

Obstructing Highways & Other Public Passages

A person, who, having no legal privilege to do so, intentionally or recklessly obstructs any highway, railroad track or public utility right-of-way, sidewalk, navigable waters, other public passage, whether alone or with others, commits a summary offense, or, in case he persists after warning by a law officer, a misdemeanor of the third degree. No person shall be deemed guilty of an offense under this subsection solely because of a gathering of persons to hear him speak or otherwise communicate, or solely because of being a member of such a gathering.