Mission & Values

Agency Mission

The Forks Township Police Department's mission is to provide exemplary law enforcement duties to the citizens of Forks Township. The department's mission will be achieved only after all members of the department implement the values statement and code of ethics into the performance of their sworn duties to the community.

Mission Goals

  • To identify criminal activity, pursue and apprehend criminal offenders, and proceed in the prosecution of known offenders.
  • To maintain a proactive patrol and investigation force and thus reduce the opportunity to commit crime.
  • To facilitate the movement of people and vehicles through analysis and commitment of selective traffic enforcement resources.
  • To perpetuate a sound managerial environment that focuses upon departmental goals and provides for career development through training, advancement and reward for exemplary performance.
  • To instill public confidence in the agency by maintaining a high degree of professionalism, dedication and expertise in the development of police service.

Values Statement / Code of Ethics

Each member of the Forks Township Police Department will adhere to the following values statement throughout their career with the agency.

  • As a law enforcement officer, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression and/or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence and disorder; and to respect the constitutional rights of all persons to liberty, equality, and justice.
  • I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all; maintain calm in the face of danger, scorn, or ridicule; maintain self-restraint; and be constantly mindful of the welfare of others. Honest in thought and deed in both my personal and official life, and will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and regulations of this department. Whatever I see or hear of a confidential nature or that is confided to me in my official capacity will be kept ever secret unless revelation is necessary in the performance of my duty.
  • I will never act officiously or permit personal feeling, prejudices, animosities, or friendships to influence my decisions. With no compromise for crime and with relentless prosecution of criminals, I will enforce the law courteously and appropriately without fear or favor, malice or ill will, never employing unnecessary force or violence and never accepting gratuities.
  • I recognize the badge of my office as a symbol of public faith and I will accept it as a public trust to be held so long as I am true to the ethics of police service. I will constantly strive to achieve these objectives and ideals, dedicating myself to my chosen profession, law enforcement.