By-Pass Meters

By-Pass Meters

Any outside water used can be deducted from your sewer bills with a by-pass meter.  Forks Township does not sell or provide by-pass meters.

Installation and Inspection of By-Pass Meters:

  1. By-pass meters can only be installed after obtaining a Building Permit from the Forks Township Building Code Department. To obtain a Building Permit, the owner must provide the following documentation: a completed building permit application form, a line diagram showing the proposed location of the by-pass meter on the plumbing system, and installation specifications for the by-pass meter.
  2. The Building Permit fee is $136.50, which includes permit and inspection.
  3. The owner is responsible for either installing the meter themselves or having a licensed plumber install it for them.
  4. After installation of the by-pass meter, the owner must schedule an inspection from the Building Code Department at for approval of proper installation.

For questions on the installation and inspection of a by-pass meter, please contact the Zoning Department at 610-250-2264.

Submitting By-Pass Meter Readings:

  1. Deductions must be made in the same quarter that the water (outside) was used.
  2. By-pass meter customers are required to complete and return their by-pass meter reading on the bottom portion of their quarterly utility bill to obtain credit.  Credits will be applied to the following quarterly utility bill.
  3. If a resident pays their utility bill through our online payment portal, by-pass meter readings will still need to be provided to our office via mail, in person or over the phone.

For questions on utility bills or to submit a by-pass meter reading, please contact the Utility Department at 610-252-0785 ext. 100.

Important Note: If a customer does not submit a meter reading each quarter from their by-pass meter, they will forfeit any credit obtained for that quarter.