Utility Billing

Sanitary Sewer Rates

Sewer bills are based on water consumption, for the first zero to 8 units of water used, there is a minimum charge of $40. For each additional unit, the rate is $6.

(1 unit = 750 gallons)

Delinquent Sewer Bills

Delinquent sewer bills have prompted the Forks Township Supervisors to take some drastic action "turning off the taps". 

The Supervisors adopted an ordinance authorizing an agreement with the Suburban Water Authority. Under the agreement, the authority would cut service to customers who have habitual or ongoing delinquent sewer bills. The new policy, the Supervisors believe should provide a clear incentive for customers to pay for service.

By-Pass Meters

Any outside water used can be deducted from your sewer bills with a by-pass meter.  Forks Township does not sell or provide by-pass meters.

Installation and Inspection of By-Pass Meters:

  1. By-pass meters can only be installed after obtaining a Building Permit from the Forks Township Building Code Department. To obtain a Building Permit, the owner must provide the following documentation: a completed building permit application form, a line diagram showing the proposed location of the by-pass meter on the plumbing system, and installation specifications for the by-pass meter.
  2. The Building Permit fee is $136.50, which includes permit and inspection.
  3. The owner is responsible for either installing the meter themselves or having a licensed plumber install it for them.
  4. After installation of the by-pass meter, the owner must schedule an inspection from the Building Code Department at www.sfmconsultingllc.org for approval of proper installation.

For questions on the installation and inspection of a by-pass meter, please contact the Zoning Department at 610-250-2264.

Submitting By-Pass Meter Readings:

  1. Deductions must be made in the same quarter that the water (outside) was used.
  2. By-pass meter customers are required to complete and return their by-pass meter reading on the bottom portion of their quarterly utility bill to obtain credit.  Credits will be applied to the following quarterly utility bill.
  3. If a resident pays their utility bill through our online payment portal, by-pass meter readings will still need to be provided to our office via mail, in person or over the phone.

For questions on utility bills or to submit a by-pass meter reading, please contact the Utility Department at 610-252-0785 ext. 100 or email us at utilities@forkstownship.org.

Important Note: If a customer does not submit a meter reading each quarter from their by-pass meter, they will forfeit any credit obtained for that quarter.

Sewer/Trash Certification Request

On January 3,2023, The Forks Township Board of Supervisors approved the 2023 Forks Township Fee Schedule.  Requests for Sewer/Trash Certifications now require a completed request form and $20.00 fee to be paid before a certification is issued.  Sewer/Trash Certification Request forms can be submitted to the Forks Township Utility Department at 1606 Sullivan Trail Easton PA 18040.