How do I apply for a Block Party Permit?

Township residents may apply for permits to hold block parties by contacting the Public Works Director, Steve Kramer at 610-438-2670.

For approved permits, the Township will supply barricades to shut down motor vehicle traffic.

The following conditions apply to block party permit (PDF) requests:

  • Permit must be available for inspection during the block party.
  • A person must be designated to remove barricades and open the street for emergency vehicle traffic.
  • Public property such as signs or fire hydrants may not be tampered with.
  • Party holders must arrange for removal of litter and debris as soon as event is over.
  • Loud music must be shut off by 10 pm and party attendees must be responsive to noise complaints.
  • Permit holder must ensure that barricades, traffic cones and other items borrowed from Forks Township are secured for pickup by Township Employees.

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