I'm a new resident. Do you have a listing of utility companies?

Please visit the Township Municipal Office to receive your "Welcome to Forks Township" packet of important information including generalities covering every department within the Township.

Below is a listing of some utility companies you can contact when moving into your new home:


  • Easton Suburban Water Authority: 610-258-7181

Sewer & Garbage

  • Forks Township Municipal Building: 610-258-5909


  • UGI Corporation: 800-276-2722


  • Met Ed Corporation: 800-545-7741


  • Verizon: 800-660-2215
  • RCN: 800-RING-RCN
  • Service Electric: 610-865-9100
  • Direct TV: 1-888-777-2454 (cable and internet only)

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1. I'm a new resident. Do you have a listing of utility companies?
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