What can I do to help?

There are a few important ways residents can help snow removal operations.

  1. If you are able, stay off the roads during winter operations. If you must travel, expect poor road conditions and drive very carefully. In some cases, travel without a four- wheel drive vehicle will be impossible, and even a four-wheel drive isn’t helpful in certain conditions.
  2.  A serious problem encountered by drivers is snow shoveled or blown back onto the street after being plowed. Forks Township prohibits placing any obstructions into Town roads or road right-of-ways; this includes putting plowed snow back onto the roadway. Snow deposited onto roads by residents can represent an immediate traffic hazard and could freeze in place and cause a longer term hazard for you, your neighbors, and drivers.
  3. When, or even before, it begins to snow, park your vehicles, equipment, trailers, etc. off the street. This protects your property from being splashed with slush and salt and from being plowed in.
  4. If a storm event occurs on your garbage collection day, you can help both the plow drivers and collection company by giving additional care to the placement of your containers. Do not put containers in the travel portion of the road.

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1. If the Township knew the storm was coming, why wasn't more done to prepare and clear the roads earlier?
2. Who is responsible to clear snow and ice on the State roads?
3. Why are Forks Township roads in bad shape compared to other Townships?
4. There are always problems on my street (last one plowed, not yet plowed, plowed hours ago, etc.). Why don’t you clear it up sooner and keep it clear?
5. Why do the plow trucks have to drive so fast?
6. Why are the plows still out if there's no snow on the road? Are workers trying to collect overtime?
7. Why did the plow truck come through my road so many times?
8. Why was there was still ice and snow on the road after you got done plowing?
9. Why use road salt?
10. Why is the driver putting down too much/not enough salt?
11. Why do you have to plow curb to curb?
12. I already finished shoveling my driveway, and that plow truck came by again and plowed me in! Why is snow piled in my driveway? Will the Township remove the snow from the end of my driveway?
13. I live on a cul-de-sac and I get more snow in my driveway and on my property than anywhere else in town. Why?
14. Can I pay the Township to clear my driveway or sidewalk?
15. Who is responsible for clearing in front of my mailbox?
16. The large piles of snow at the corners of my street are so high I can't see oncoming traffic. Who is responsible for removing the snow?
17. The catch basin on my street is covered with snow. Who is responsible to clear it?
18. My street is so narrow that 2 cars cannot pass side by side. What will be done?
19. How do I report that the plow truck knocked over my mailbox and what will be done about it?
20. The plow damaged my property, home, or driveway. How do I report this and what will be done about it?
21. My basketball hoop [or other object at my property] was damaged by the plow. What will be done about it?
22. How do I report plow damage?
23. Will my garbage be collected during bad weather?
24. What can I do to help?