The plow damaged my property, home, or driveway. How do I report this and what will be done about it?

Curbing and driveway lip damage is a normal result of winter season plowing efforts. The Department has no intention or desire to cause this damage, since damaged areas must be attended to in the spring. However, due to the nature of plowing efforts, some damage is inevitable. The amount of damage may vary greatly depending on the nature of the winter. In heavy winters, just the higher frequency of snow removal efforts increase exposure of curbing and driveways to damage. Also, in winters where snow is preceded by a consistent sub-freezing period, the depth of frost in the ground reduces curb damage by providing added stability behind the curb. If frost is minimal or not present (which is typical especially early and late in the season), the risk and incidence of damage is greater.

It is generally essential for drivers to push snow back close to the curb to keep drainage areas open and to prepare for further snow events. Therefore, drivers cannot avoid close calls with curb contact. There are many areas that are chronically vulnerable to curb damage, such as cul-de-sacs. It would not be uncommon for these areas to see damage more regularly.

If curbing along your property sustains damage, you may notify the Public Works Department at 610-438-2760 to report it. Your address will be added to a running repair list that will be used to track repairs. A list of location and length of damage is made to incorporate in the master repair list. Repairs typically commence late in the Spring and may continue into the Fall. 

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