Why are Forks Township roads in bad shape compared to other Townships?

There will be times when storms will exceed our capacity to keep up with the resources we have, or where equipment breakdowns will diminish our ability to respond. In these circumstances we will adjust and apply our resources to the effort in the best way possible.

There may be a reasonable explanation for observed differences in road conditions. The condition of roads during and after snow removal operations is affected by many factors. These include: type of precipitation or icing condition, rate of precipitation, air temperature, road surface temperature, change of temperatures during and/or after the storm, timing of start of snow/ice control operations, frequency of plowing passes, type of material spread, amount of material spread, when material was spread, amount of sun exposure, and amount of vehicular traffic. Motorists may see a relative difference in conditions based on one or more of these factors.

Poor road conditions during storm events are usually most related a rate of snowfall that exceed the crew’s capacity to keep up. Poor road conditions after storm events are usually most related to temperature dynamics and lack of sun exposure. Also, certain factors may have positive or negative affects depending on other conditions. For instance, heavier traffic tends to assist clearing efforts during snow events, but under certain temperature conditions, traffic during a storm could cause packing of the snow into a layer resistive to plowing. So, though heavier traffic tends to ultimately help with road clearing, this is not always the case during a storm. After a storm, traffic tends to accelerate melting and clearing of the road. The higher traffic volume explains why, in most circumstances, main roads will remain clearer during a storm and clear faster after a storm.

This does not mean that particular problems in our approach do not arise. The Forks Township Director of Public Works takes responsibility first for those problems that may be related to overall operations, such as timing of the start of removal. Decisions and judgments in these areas involve several important factors, such as public safety, cost, and contractual obligations. The Forks Township Public Works Director and/or his Designee take responsibility for any concerns residents may have with how snow plow drivers do their job. Residents should not confront drivers directly, but contact the Public Works Department at 610-438-2670 to file any complaint. The Director and/or his designee will receive the complaint and investigate and take action accordingly. 

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1. If the Township knew the storm was coming, why wasn't more done to prepare and clear the roads earlier?
2. Who is responsible to clear snow and ice on the State roads?
3. Why are Forks Township roads in bad shape compared to other Townships?
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12. I already finished shoveling my driveway, and that plow truck came by again and plowed me in! Why is snow piled in my driveway? Will the Township remove the snow from the end of my driveway?
13. I live on a cul-de-sac and I get more snow in my driveway and on my property than anywhere else in town. Why?
14. Can I pay the Township to clear my driveway or sidewalk?
15. Who is responsible for clearing in front of my mailbox?
16. The large piles of snow at the corners of my street are so high I can't see oncoming traffic. Who is responsible for removing the snow?
17. The catch basin on my street is covered with snow. Who is responsible to clear it?
18. My street is so narrow that 2 cars cannot pass side by side. What will be done?
19. How do I report that the plow truck knocked over my mailbox and what will be done about it?
20. The plow damaged my property, home, or driveway. How do I report this and what will be done about it?
21. My basketball hoop [or other object at my property] was damaged by the plow. What will be done about it?
22. How do I report plow damage?
23. Will my garbage be collected during bad weather?
24. What can I do to help?