Open Space Committee

Over the past couple of decades, Forks Township has experienced tremendous growth in residential housing, and commercial and industrial development. What was once a thriving agricultural community, Forks is now and has been in the path of growth. As a result, active measures are needed for smart, sustainable development.   

 During 2019 & 2020, under the guidance of Gilmore & Associates, an update to the Comprehensive Plan was undertaken. Through surveys and a Community Visioning Meeting, it was clear that current residents appreciate open areas, farmland, recreation paths, the vistas, and the natural resources of the Township. Residents indicated they would like to maintain the rural nature of the Township. They appreciate and value Open Space.

 In 2021, the Board of Supervisors appointed Supervisor Kelly Kegan to lead a Task Force to explore an Open Space Initiative. She and some members of the Planning Commission began to meet and educate themselves on available programs and the steps to take to assist the community with preserving Open Space.  In 2022, after several presentations to the Board, and after a Community Meeting in the fall, an Advisory Committee was developed.  This Committee discussed educating the Community on the benefits of an Open Space Program and the costs of development versus the costs of preserving open space.  After discussion with residents and others who have worked with open space preservation programs the Open Space committee has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions. In March the Board of Supervisors will discuss this initiative and vote to either support or decline an Open Space referendum on the November 2023 General Election Ballot.     

The Forks Township Open Space Committee

Open Space Documents