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If you are looking to start a club, let us help you! Let us help you market and get the club started. Clubs will be able to get discounted rates for the use of our facility rentals. All who are looking to start a club contact our Recreation Manager, Chris Pula for more information.

Eggs Original Club

The Eggs Original Club meeting takes place on the second Tuesday of each Month, 10:00AM-3:00PM at the Forks Township Community Center. Recently the club has also started a group that meets at the Recreation House - 708 Zucksville Road, on the Saturday prior to the Tuesday meeting, from 11:00AM-3:00PM. In general the main function is to become more familiar with egging, sharing ideas with each other, to have fun, and to plan, organize and promote the Annual Eggs Original Show.

Forks Area Art Society

The Forks Area Art Society is a hand full of artists who want to add a splash of color and creative to the community! The society consists of artists and craftsmen, musicians, writers, art instructors, and people who just love art and wanted to learn. The society meets monthly, the 2nd Wednesday, 7:00PM at the Forks Township Municipal Building - 1606 Sullivan Trail. Click here for information about the the society.

Contact Forks Area Art Society for more information.

Forks Historical Society

Join a group of historically minded citizens to assemble documents, artifacts, and items of historical significance regarding Forks Township. The society meets monthly, the 4th Monday, 7:00 P.M. (except December) at Faith Lutheran Church, 2012 Sullivan Trail, Forks Township. Click here for information about the the society.

Contact Karl Miller at 610-253-1035 for more information.